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Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis said of Powerful Peace:

“You DID expand my perspective. Of course once expanded, a mind is hard to reduce, so I’ll remain grateful for the education.”

Tony Robbins. the internationally-recognized Peak Performance Coach to U.S. Presidents and Olympians, calls Powerful Peace “A must read for those who wish to influence others.”

Powerful Peace has also been called a tool for extraordinary personal transformation, a practical aid for coming to grips with combat PTSD, and even an unofficial resource for relationship therapy.

With gut wrenching candor and surprising moments of comedy, Rob narrates his personal journey through decades of conflict, its often-absurd origins, its ever-present innocent victims, and potential solutions. He delivers practical recommendations for private citizens and policy makers alike. Powerful Peace illuminates the roots of struggle within yourself and between you and others, offering rare context for whole-person development and for leaders, teams, and soldiers bound for unfamiliar lands.

Powerful Peace is a very personal tool for your very personal development. Get your signed copy and begin your transformation today.

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