The World Changes Faster Every Day. What are Men Supposed to Do?

Life Coaching for Men
Rob DuBois and Impact Actual

Rob DuBoisWith the pace of change today, successful men sometimes feel like they're swimming in the rapids. They're asking, "How can I be in charge at work but feel like I'm getting run over everywhere else?"

The answer can be life coaching for men. Investing yourself in Impact Coaching with Rob DuBois, the Navy SEAL founder of Impact Actual, can help. You'll regain control today and chart your successful course for the long term.

Rob's proven approach goes a step beyond traditional men's life coaching. It combines the intense adaptability of his military special operations career with powerful validation and enhancement of the best parts of your masculinity.

If it's your first time working with a professional life coach for men, the decision to take the plunge can be a big one. It can also be one of the most important moves you'll ever make. It will pay dividends for years to come in your relationship, in your family, in your business, and in your friendships with other men.

As the first ever of the Impact Actual coaches for men, Rob is in the trenches working with professional guys like you every day – helping them learn more about themselves and the people around them and how to respond effectively and decisively when life throws curveballs with every new day.

You already know how to be successful in your work – now it's time to re-master everything else.

”When males are told they are toxic for repressing feelings, but are accused of ‘mansplaining’ the moment they express feelings, they feel damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

“The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” Warren Farrell

Giving You a Chance to Improve Your Life.

If Navy SEALs aren't afraid to ask a Brother for help, what's holding you back?

In business and life, leaders have learned that a bit of skepticism, especially at first, helps avoid mistakes. So, it's natural to ask the question: what does men's life coaching accomplish? And since self-reliance is hardwired into every American male, it can seem strange or even scary to ask for support.

Think about it like a Navy SEAL: how could any platoon of 16, 12, or even just ten men be able to accomplish what may seem like superhuman missions? The answer is in the trust – every frogman knows that every other frogman has his back, up to and including at the price of his own life. They support one another – provide help to one another by bringing strengths to compensate for individual weaknesses – and consistently prevail against apparently overwhelming odds.

If Navy SEALs aren't afraid to ask a Brother for help, what's holding you back?

We understand what you may be thinking, and you can be sure many of Rob's clients started out in the same place. Here are a few samples to give you an idea about what you'll come away with after working with Rob as your personal life coach.

  • Embodying self-confidence without being a jerk
  • Understanding how masculinity is evolving today
  • Improving your relationships with women
  • Becoming a better father, son, and brother
  • Navigating workplace relationships more successfully

It's likely you're interested in some of the above – and you might be after different things. Every life coaching relationship with Rob DuBois is custom-designed according to your unique needs and lifestyle. He excels outside the box and will learn about you and guide you to "total self-mastery."

You are Not Alone.

A Modern Man’s View from an Old-School Navy SEAL

Are you torn between traditional masculine roles (opening doors and paying for dinner) and respecting the present (sharing your feelings and honoring others' identities)?

You're not alone.

Do you sometimes wonder whether the lessons your Dad taught you can still be relevant today? You are not alone.

Do you still want to make your mark and find ways to serve and protect…but sometimes, you wonder if being "masculine" is no longer welcome in the world you know?

You are most definitely not alone.

The good news is that being a man is still okay and still important. The great news is that this world needs real men more than ever. Rob's mission is to help you learn exactly how you absolutely do still fit and exactly how to contribute more powerfully than ever.

Think About Your Life Today.

Is Men’s Life Coaching Right for Me?

If you've been thinking about searching for "life coaches near me," you're already tracking there must be a better way; you're probably having those thoughts because too many things aren't working.

Until now, you've been trying to figure it out or make it up as you go along – whatever "it" is. Maybe you've talked to friends and tried to find answers together. But the results have been mixed, and there have been too few hits and too many misses.

In a nutshell, life coaching will help you become more thoughtful and strategic in your approach to everything. It changes the way you treat others and the way you see yourself.

While friends and family may give you their opinions, and may sometimes be helpful, they can't compare with a trained, professional life coach…especially when that coach has helped countless men, on multiple continents, in dozens of countries, and spent a career as a Navy SEAL – the guys who are thought to be the toughest commandos on Earth.

Rob cares about you like one of his own Teammates, like a Brother – just like your friends and family –  but he has a unique perspective completely different from everyone else's. You'll benefit from his many years of experience and thousands of hours working successfully with other men of action.

The Dynamics are Changing Continually.

How Much of Life Coaching for Men is About Women?

Every action causes a reaction, and years of advancement for women have brought massive changes for men. In the early days, the changes were gradual – in the past decade or so, the pace of change has been on steroids. Not surprisingly, it's left many men shell-shocked.

A core topic in men's life coaching is how to adapt to changes with women – wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends, co-workers, and others. We've gone from a society where the scales were tipped in men's favor to an era when men's roles and standing are diminished and sometimes even murky.

Words of Advice for Men:  The new era in the male-female dynamic will be about rebalancing. It is crucial to see it clearly and understand how and where you fit in (AKA your opportunities).

Rob is here to help you sort through things and re-emerge happier, better adjusted, increasingly successful, more appreciated and loved. It only makes sense that learning and self-reflection occur during a period of rapid change – and opportunity.

I believe women and the women’s movement can be at the center of a new narrative and national conversation focused on developing positive male role models for future generations. Focusing on better men, dads, husbands, boyfriends, and sons does not come at the expense of the rightful attention to women’s rights and equality.

The challenge is that there is no foundation on which to build a movement of support, guidance and respect for men who are confronting outdated notions of masculinity. A hopeful and positive future for men and women living in a gender-equal world requires that we also acknowledge the crisis that many young men are facing, and that we invest in solutions.

“Young Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis,” Jack Myers

We’re a High-Performance Team.

Why Work with Us at Impact Actual?

Founded by Rob DuBois, Impact Actual provides industry-leading professional life coaching for men. Working with us gives you direct access to some of the best thinkers in the business.

We begin with a deep understanding of and appreciation for you and what you're going through. Our only goal is to bring permanent change that sets you on the course to happiness, greater fulfillment, and getting and giving more appreciation with everyone in your life.

  • Experienced life coaches
  • Client-centered programs
  • Customized for each client
  • Vast experience in the field
  • Leading-edge thinking and methods

We absolutely reject the one-size-fits-all approach followed by some of our competitors. We know you're your own man, one-of-a-kind, and we treat you with the respect you're due. We're interested in finding out more about you and working together to improve your life.

These are significant differences, and why we know you can't do better than working with us. And if you have questions before you sign up, we're available and willing to answer – don't hold back.

How Much Does Life Coaching for Men Cost?

It won't surprise you that this level of transformative one-on-one Impact Coaching with Rob DuBois cannot come cheap. But the long-term value of life coaching for men can be infinite.

You've come far enough in your professional life to know the truth of the old saying, "You get what you pay for." So yes, Rob's expert intervention comes at a price – but the price is a steal when you consider the life you will create through your work together.

Pause for a moment and think about the worth of getting:
  • A free and loving relationship with the partner of your dreams;
  • A fun and meaningful relationship with kids who may be slipping away;
  • A circle of true male friends who will adventure and be there for each other;
  • A confidence that you're leading your team from a place of deep authenticity;
  • A lifestyle of healthy habits that bring back all the best-you mojo you remember;
  • And most of all…
  • The certainty that you are living up to your full potential as a man in the world.

Another important consideration about men's life coaching pricing is that companies are the real winners when leaders experience radical growth.

Executive development is a great investment for any organization, and you can probably pursue one-on-one Impact Coaching with Rob DuBois as a business expense that yields huge returns.

When you schedule a private, no-cost consultation call with Rob, you and he will explore the possible fit for Impact men's coaching. If it's a great match, he'll provide all the details so you can make an informed decision.

Men life coach, Rob Dubois, writing down his thoughts on life coaching for men.
Regardless of Where You Live, We Can Help.

Where Do I Attend Coaching Sessions?

You can work with your Impact life coach, Rob DuBois, from anywhere in the world. Virtual sessions make that possible, and together you will establish the best "battle rhythm" to work with your schedule. In fact, Rob has been working remotely with clients, via telephone or video chat options, for over fifteen years. We will find the mode that works best for you.

Many men we work with lead lives jam-packed with work and family responsibilities. We understand and appreciate that – but you need to understand that it's equally important to set aside time for yourself and your needs. You cannot pour from an empty vessel!

Rob's genius lies in teaching you why and how to invest in yourself – from that, you make everything else in your life better. If you don't pour into yourself, your mediocre contribution from a place of deficit and exhaustion will be a tragic waste of your gifts. Don't die regretting that you didn't get in the game.

When it's time to join a session, you only need a phone or internet connection and an appointment.

Conclusion: The Men’s Life Coaching
Opportunity for You

It's time for you to help us usher in the 21st-Century Renaissance Man. This is your chance to become one. If your life is off-track and needs some improvement, we're ready to help.

The "Real Man" is not an anachronism. He is not an obsolete throwback to a lost age. A real man will step forward and serve wherever he is needed. You will step forward and serve wherever needed.

That is the opportunity you have right now. Working with Rob DuBois is the first step to living it. If you're ready to take that next step, we look forward to hearing from you today.

Being a man is still okay and still important. The world needs men more than ever.