About Us – Impact Actual

Impact Actual is a one-of-a-kind training company founded by retired U.S. Navy SEAL Rob DuBois.

We're high-performance life coaches dedicated to releasing the full potential of human beings through self-discovery, personal integration, and effective disciplines.

We teach people how to understand their unique design, how to balance Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, how to accept and challenge themselves with ruthless honesty, and how to apply new skills to live their ideal lives and make an Impact.

Within our Team, there is someone who can guide, support, and enlighten anyone who is ready.

Impact Actual is broad-minded and well-rounded in its approach. While most training companies focus narrowly on relationships, careers, mindset, or anything else, we do it all. Our coaches provide clients with the tools and opportunity to prepare themselves for anything that may come their way.

Life Coaching Taken to a Higher Level

Our life coaches work in many areas and share our unprecedented methodology and mindset, the Impact System. It produces better and more profound results in improving people's lives.

The Impact Philosophy is Simple and Powerful

  • Every human being has a unique design and a deep desire to make a unique Impact;
  • We're born with five Powers: Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Done (healthy boundaries);
  • When we discover and integrate these very real parts of ourselves, we become powerful;
  • When we make ourselves better, we make our love, home, work, and the world better;
  • When we learn and apply the parts of our customized life "Impact System," our lives are transformed, and,
  • Best of all, the concepts are easy to learn, easy to apply, and easy to make into a second nature!

We teach our clients to first treat themselves with the dignity and respect they deserve and then to become relentless in shedding their ineffective beliefs and habits and rebuilding from an unbreakable new foundation for life.

We teach them how to understand the complex interplay of their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Then, we teach them how to train those unique capacities, how to integrate them, and how to establish a pattern of living that drives dreams to become reality.

A Message from Our Founder Rob DuBois

I was a walking disaster in my youth. I wanted to be a rock star or, a war hero, or a veterinarian, depending on the day. But I wouldn't apply myself to fully accomplishing anything. I couldn't – I had deeply ingrained, self-limiting beliefs that led to self-limiting behaviors, and I would sabotage every good thing because, at my core, I didn't believe I deserved it.

I was a sloppy drunk, undependable, self-hating, and occasionally suicidal. I felt I was junk. I would make spectacular efforts and gestures for attention and approval but could never believe my own hype.

More than 30 years ago, I was blessed to be guided out of addiction by some friends who had themselves been guided before me. I thought I'd reached the end zone and "success," but quickly discovered I'd only crossed the starting line.

It began a lifelong path of cleaning up my other wreckage and working to stay ahead of my screw-ups. Every person makes mistakes; some of us with self-destructive tendencies, however, have to keep the messes to a minimum, or we'll spiral back to epic failure.

Along the way, I've become a Navy SEAL, deployed to every war, raised a family, and evolved to create the Impact Coaches.

Impact Actual LLC, life coach and founder, Rob Dubois. Personal development coach.
It's a Lifelong Journey and Worth It

But, I realized I was still dragging along the residue of inaccurate and ineffective beliefs about myself.

I came to understand that bad software had been installed by trauma in my earliest years, as well as the obvious wartime experiences of a veteran of special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The software said I was bad – reality taught me I had just been convinced of some bad things.

We are not bad at our core, no matter how bad a person may feel today – we are just acting out old scripts that worked during some earlier bad times but are no longer appropriate to our circumstances.

It took years, and I'll always be a work in progress, but I discovered that these lessons from pain could be used to help other people navigate their own messes and confusion. Other people who may, on the surface, look like they have it all together, may appear successful, may be recognized leaders in their fields, other people who may also be struggling with many of the things I hid.

I Built Impact Actual – Because I "Couldn't Not" Do It

Each of us was created for much more than grinding through an existence of kicking butt but feeling empty. We deserve more than watching from the sidelines while others seem to live relaxed and comfortable, enjoying their friends and family and life and, yes, material success.

My message to you is that it is possible to have it all. The simple pleasures of life are not mutually exclusive.

Timeline: Impact Actual Since Our Founding


Rob retired from active duty as a U.S. Navy SEAL and began coaching on the side.


The earliest version of Impact Actual was born, initially just for Rob's coaching.


Rob created the Impact Unchained course for clients to personalize their success paths.


Rob and Director of Development Jason Rowinski began certifying Impact Coaches.


Finance Director Tricia Drago and Sales Director Patrick Mullins joined the Team.


Executive Administrator Melissa Dockum came on board to make order from chaos.


COVID-19 aftershocks shook everything to the ground!


We began to re-envision and re-discover and re-created our entire enterprise.


Rob created the self-mastery #SWIM Challenge, the Bedrock course, and the sky's the limit.

How is Impact Actual Different from Other Life Coaches?

There are thousands of people offering "life coaching services" saturating the ecosystem today. Most of them got into it because they genuinely wanted to help people. It's the same for us.

But most of "them" were also just looking for a job. They learn from books and follow theories they've been taught to apply. They are untested in the scars, doubts, fears, failings, and victories of life. They seldom understand hurt human beings from a deep place of love, compassion, humor, and with fearless accountability.

On the other hand, Impact Actual was founded by a retired Navy SEAL. We are led by a fighter pilot instructor, a church and non-profit leader, a financial expert, and a movement expert who danced at Radio City Music Hall!

We have been there and done that around the world. We can relate to anything anyone is facing.

Why Work with an Impact Actual Life Coach?

Our methods differ in that we take the focus off tricks and techniques for happiness or business success and put it where it belongs: on the quality of the character of the individual.

We empower people to let go of their layers of doubt, fear, and bad habits to grow fully into their unique designs. This results in clients becoming "Men and Women of Impact" – competent, confident, and compassionate, capable of making superior choices in every area of life, achieving total success as human beings.

Business success, relationship success, thriving social and personal lives, all of these are born out of a person gaining self-awareness and perspective about what really matters to them and pouring their life energy into that.

Looking for Corporate Group Training Sessions?

We love to work with corporate groups ready to address the underlying conditions of ineffective teams: individual character. Many C-suites struggle with the consequences of unethical or unthinking decisions made by executive members.

In a nutshell:

Leadership coaching workshop by Rob DuBois.

Our engagement with leaders and leadership groups is devoted to building both the self-awareness of its members and the effectiveness of the relationships among them.

Team coaching session with Impact Actual.

We help them take the label of "one big happy family" off the marketing materials and put it back where it belongs: right in the middle of the actual experience of mutual respect, service, and mission mindset that brought them together in the first place.

Coaching for corporate leadership.

Corporate leaders are the same as individual contributors and strangers off the street – they are human beings.

The best solutions to "people problems" at the leadership level will not be found in better business skills, moralistic ethics training, or even threats of punishment, but by addressing the root causes. They include low respect, low trust, and low personal and corporate accountability.

Sometimes, what a person tries to get away with is based on their own observation of someone senior in the org chart who models the same or looks the other way. Sometimes, it's the result of a plain old bad hire – choosing a CFO with shining credentials won't create financial success if the individual doesn't work well with others, is cooking the books, or is torn up with an addiction problem they can't overcome.

Interested in Training to be an Impact Actual Coach?

Becoming a certified Impact Coach is one of the most empowering and exciting paths a person can take.

Our Teammates are products of our philosophy and our practices – every one of our life coaches first goes through the crucible of months in our exclusive training program, just like that given to non-coach students: the Impact Bedrock course, our Six-Week Intro to Mastery (#SWIM) Challenge, and the Unchained course to start.

This training, combined with Accountability Coaching from founder Rob DuBois and subsequent "coaching fundamentals" instruction with Director of Development Jason Rowinski, guides an aspiring Impact Coach to walk through everything their own clients will experience in the years to come.

Such a rigorous rite of passage is the key to ensuring every one of our unique coaches is worthy to lead others in our work. Each is already accomplished in their own right, whether in business, government, or public and private service.

It guarantees that every Impact Coach will honor the sacred trust of helping another human being who is extending trust to seek help navigating life challenges. Whether in one-on-one Impact Coaching or facilitating our Impact Actual programs and courses for eager students, the Impact Coach is fully invested in the lives, hopes, fears, and dreams of our clients.

Who are Your Life Coaches at Impact Actual?

We have five leaders in Impact Actual, the "Lions" (CEO, Executive Administrator, and Directors of Finance, Development, and Sales), who are the five executive Impact Coaches. Separately, there are currently about ten certified Impact Coaches.

Our specialties across the entire team include:

Coaching for military and veterans.

Military fighter pilot trainers

Non-profit leadership coach.

Non-profit leaders

Coaching for church leadership.

Church leaders

Coaching for government leaders.

Government leaders

Sales executive coaching.

Sales executives

Business owner coaching. Entrepreneur development.

Business entrepreneurship and finance experts

Transition coaching for military personel.

Military transition leaders

Personal development coaching for athletes.

Elite athletes

Coaches for artists and performers.

Professional artists and performers

Coaching for law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement careerists

Life coaches for men and women.

Coaches for men or women

Within our Team, there is always someone who can guide, support, and enlighten anyone who is ready.

We've been in business for more than 15 years, evolving from a one-person coaching shop to a broad-based training and executive coaching firm.

Ready to take the first step to learn more about Impact Actual and the difference it can make in your life? Reach out to get in touch with us today! Whether you want to dive into our life changing course options, explore one-on-one coaching with Rob, ask about getting certified as an Impact Coach yourself, or even just get help with a particularly challenging life issue you’re facing, the single simple action is the same: click here to book a no-cost Discovery Call with founder Rob DuBois!

We can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams, to help the world.