Meet The Team

Impact Actual life coaches. Rob DuBois and his coaching team.
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Tricia "The Ninja" Drago

Director, Finance & Operations

Executive Impact Coach Tricia Drago, an entrepreneur from the age of 8 (selling pet rocks door to door), has spent her career helping other small business owners build their businesses. With a Master of Science in Accountancy, she originally wanted to be an IRS auditor...until she actually met one, who quickly scolded her into considering a “friendlier” career. She is Founder and CEO of Banyan Accounting in Windward Oahu, Hawaii, and now our Finance and Operations Director for Impact Actual. This Ninja is an extremely versatile problem solver, financial coach, and an all-around business BADASS.

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Jason "Preach" Rowinski

Director, Training & Development

Executive Impact Coach "Preach" Rowinski has held multiple roles: Preacher. Coach. Professor. Director. Author. Trainer. Speaker. Now, Director of Training and Development for Impact Actual! Whatever the title, Jason's life’s work is to help individuals and organizations develop their full potential – leading & teaching people in online classes, mentoring, small groups, traditional classrooms, and conferences of 3,000 people. He's the guru of groups: leading, communicating, and relationship-building. With a nod to Ancient Greek wisdom about great teachers, he is our "bridge for you to cross” into the realm of infinite growth, success, and contentment.

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Patrick "Sledge" Mullins

Director, Sales & Marketing

Executive Impact Coach “Sledge” Mullins transitioned from electrical engineering to flying for the US Air Force, where in nearly 14 years, he amassed over 3,000 flying hours in 3 different aircraft. Flying as a fighter and instructor pilot honed his mastery of complex situations, contingencies, and execution. After his service, Patrick transformed himself again – into a star executive pharmaceutical sales coach. He has mentored thousands and started several successful businesses. As the founder of SLEDGE Consulting, with over 30 years of coaching, our new Sales and Marketing Director helps clients identify the gaps between goals and results, choose the right tools, and climb to all-new heights.

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Eric "James" Bond

The Sports Coach

Certified Impact Coach Eric Bond, founder of The Competitor's Mentality, is a highly regarded leader whose passion is to bring success and growth to his clients in their personal lives and careers. He has over 20 years of experience in the world of corporate leadership, talent acquisition, and coaching. He is also a former NCAA soccer student-athlete, and captained his college soccer program to multiple regional playoffs. He often speaks on topics such as recruiting, team building, leadership, and talent development, and has pioneered a unique program called “Life After Sports,” delivering talks that are geared toward preparing his fellow athletes for the next chapter of their lives and pushing them to accomplish their goals.

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Erin "Aero" Orga

The Fighter Pilot

Certified Impact Coach Erin “Aero” Orga is a former US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle fighter pilot, motivational speaker, and Program Manager with a proven record for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives.  She was part of the initial wave of women to fly modern combat fighter aircraft, and one of only two women in her class to graduate with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. Aero flew over 50 combat missions in Iraq, providing air cover for US Army and Marine units on the ground in places like Baghdad, Fallujah, and Mosul. With over a decade in program management, she has directed global teams of engineers delivering successful $100 million projects. Erin speaks on topics including diversity and inclusion in high performing teams, leadership, and overcoming adversity.

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"Airline Aimee " Ross

The LIFE Attendant

Certified Impact Coach “Airline Aimee” Ross left school with a degree in Sociology, knowing only that she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. On one fateful flight soon afterward, she noticed the remarkable care flight attendants gave to passengers and recognized a perfect career opportunity: to combine what she had learned about helping others with her passion for travel. During those 18 years in the air every trip brought a new opportunity to connect with others, ease their busy travels, and in many cases make a real difference when they needed help. That career paved the way for the next – she decided to become a CIC and continue helping people discover their talents and live their best lives. Aimee invites her clients aboard for a more meaningful journey in life, to help them realize the success and joy they yearn for, as their Life Attendant – on the journey of a lifetime!