Impact SITREP 230530 (May 30, 2023) – Mindfulness at Memorial Day

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In this week’s SITREP, we pause to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. This sacred day is an opportunity for Americans to be mindful of the terrible price some have paid to defend the rest of us and the ideals upon which we were founded.

This holiday was originally observed in the years following the American Civil War, and was officially established as a federal holiday in 1971…while the Vietnam War continued to rage and take away more of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters.

Our founder, Rob DuBois, is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL. I was a fighter pilot instructor for the U.S. Air Force. And we have many teammates and clients from among the military ranks.

Today, with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so fresh in our memory, nearly every American has lost a friend or family member, or knows a family that has.

Our memorializing the fallen is a conscious practice of mindfulness, if only for a day. To stop and think, being mindful for a moment, is a gift we give ourselves. It can bring grief, but also gratitude – it can remind us of our blessings, and help our children to learn to do the same.

Today we encourage you to use this moment of remembrance and enrich your own life in the process. Take a moment to think about what you enjoy today – democracy, opportunity, freedoms – which are gifts that come from the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

Interested in learning more about what it is, and how to apply mindfulness? Check out this week’s “RobHax” feature from founder Rob, below, and check out this article from Psychology Today:
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ROBHAX: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of those gifts you can give yourself that is also a gift to others. The only way to be fully alive in any moment is to be “present” – and the only way to be authentically present is to be aware, or mindful, of the circumstances of that moment.

We often operate on a kind of autopilot, missing the warm or cool air, the stillness or noise, and the rest of what makes up our surroundings. We often miss the cues sent from our Heart or Body, warning us to avoid a situation or not take an action.

Performing and producing often take priority over experiencing the now.

I recommend making consciousness a conscious part of your routine.

The secret of being mindful is as simple as…just doing it. Literally, just do it. At Impact Actual we teach you the “A-B-C’s of being present.” Do three quick and simple things regularly (set a reminder in your phone, or with sticky note) to practice being fully present, and learn to experience your complete life in every minute.

Three simple things. That’s it:

Be Aware (consciously mindful);
Be Breathing (consciously and deeply breathing); and
Be Centered (consciously seeking balance in your posture, thinking, and feeling).

A.     Aware.
B.     Breathing.
C.     Centered.

It’s almost ridiculously easy. And it will change your life. Try it today.

Think about these simple steps, and find out how they can help you.

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Memorial Day does not need to be a somber day…we can remember our loved ones with appreciation, gratitude, and warm thoughts of the times we enjoyed together. What is most important is taking the time to be mindful.

And that is completely in your control.

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