“What kind of coaching do you do?”
What I do is commonly called “life” coaching…but I’m not common, so I deliver (wild)Life Coaching.
What distinguishes coaching with @ImpactActual is my experience and its insights. Half my life has been spent protecting innocent lives, and the other half in the woods. As a global security professional and a fan of all things natural, I understand the best and worst of what motivates humans. What motivates you. And what’s holding you back.
The method is called “attack the gaps,” developed during years spent as a Red Team leader seeking out gaps in military defenses. In coaching, we’ll use this to examine all aspects of your life from the physical through mental, emotional, and spiritual/ethical. We map out strategies and peel away self-limiting filters that no longer serve you today — SO THAT YOU CAN [fill in the blank: Earn better? Promote better? Love better?] It is completely focused on you and what you want, but can’t do alone.
Does this sound interesting to you? If so, let’s plan a no-cost consult to talk about what makes sense.