No more settling for a life that feels empty or unsatisfying.
Today, you start living your full potential.


...who wakes up before their alarm, excited to start the day.

...who’s totally tapped into their “calling” and is out there claiming it.

...who knows, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that they're living their best life.


It’s ironic, really. Your life is packed, but you still feel unfulfilled.

You also can’t shake the guilt of wanting to change things up. Who are you to want more? That’s what keeps running through your mind when you even dare to dream bigger. And so, you stay locked in your everyday limbo – not quite hating your life, but not loving it either.



You have no idea where to start.

Even if you were clear on your life’s true purpose (which you aren’t!), how would you start living it? What would that first step look like, and how would you stay on track? It’s not like there’s a GPS for major life pivots, right?

You’re overwhelmed by information overload.

Your brain is filled with so much noise that you can barely hear your own thoughts, let alone make a big decision. And if you buy one more un-helpful self-help book, you’re pretty sure you’ll have a Ph.D. in it.

You worry about what your friends and family will think.

You’ve got amazing, supportive people in your life, but they just don’t ‘get’ what you’re going through. You worry you’ll be pegged as a giant mid-life crisis cliché if you even mention your idea to make a change.

You feel shame and unworthiness.

On paper, your life is great. You’ve got a good education, a good job, a good family … How could you want something better when other people don’t have nearly as much as you do? Man, you’ve got nerve!

Clearly, you've got a case of the "shoulds":

“I should be happy with what I have.”

“I should stick with the status quo.”

“I should pretend I don’t feel empty, hopeless, and unsatisfied inside.”

I'm gonna stop you right there.

It’s time to ditch those SHOULDs and start living the life YOU were meant to live.

The one with NO LIMITS.



A six-week, online program to help you discover your unique design, plan around your purpose, and create a life of meaningful adventure.

This interactive experience is loaded with hard-hitting questions, real-world examples, accountability calls, and strategic exercises to help you get unstuck and be unstoppable.




You’ll have one of our dedicated Certified Impact Coaches to help you stay on track – working with you week by week to craft the perfect life of fulfillment for you, your loved ones, and the world you impact.

Bottom line: It’s your time.


Let’s fast-forward to your life with Impact UNCHAINED …

You finally have the direction you’ve been seeking. You’ve done the deep inner work to uncover your life’s purpose and you’ve got a clear roadmap of what to do next. If you stumble along the way (which is totally normal), your Certified Impact Coach is on your side.

Your mind feels clear and open to new possibilities. Now that you’re not hopping from one self-help book to the next or trying every “proven” strategy on Google, you feel so much lighter. You finally have clarity and mental whitespace to take intentional action.

You realize a better YOU is better for everyone. By showing up for yourself first, all of your other relationships improve. You become a better husband, dad, friend, and colleague. You’re more present for the people around you, and your passion for life is contagious.

You’ve given yourself permission to want more. You know that no matter what mistakes you’ve made in your past or what actions have led you here, you deserve the best – even if it means breaking from the status quo. Your fake happiness has turned into real happiness.

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“Without your guidance, I would still be struggling with the noise that left me overwhelmed and frozen. Not knowing which way to turn. I was drowning. You helped crack the barrier, allowing a sliver of light to shine, which has grown during this time bringing more focus, awareness and clarity, and freeing me from the cage. I now have a good flight plan to get me where I want to go.”


Hi, I'm Rob Dubois

I’m a retired Navy SEAL, career intelligence operator, longtime performance coach, and Founder and CEO of Impact Actual. I’m also a recovering alcoholic, a childhood and combat trauma survivor, and a man who overcame self-doubt so severe, it nearly resulted in suicide.

Painful experiences and a sense of duty to guide others through their own struggles led me to coaching. I’ve since helped many people dig deep to get honest, discover their unique value, and build lives of incredible meaning and contribution. I can help you, too, if you’re committed to working for it.

Now, you might be wondering, “What makes Impact UNCHAINED unique?”

My program isn’t based on big biceps, tattoos, and rah-rah like most SEAL training companies. It’s focused on the WHOLE person – which is why my team and I deliver “whole-person development,” not “personal development.”

While muscles and macho are awesome, those are never our primary goal or measure of success. Instead, we value all four human powers: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual (ethical).

My goal for you is that you’ll simply choose to get started. Because once you do, you’ll never look back.

With Impact UNCHAINED, you’ll …

  • Stretch, grow, and do things you never thought possible.
  • Become a completely different person than you were before.
  • Love your new life and the fulfillment it provides.

There are no limits to what you can do, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Will you choose change today?

wanna know more?
Here's what you'll find inside.


This course is comprised of six weekly modules, spelling out the acronym and our theme for personal power:



Module ONE | Clarify Your Condition

We’ll kick things off by establishing the baseline for where you are in life (or where you *think* you are). The exercises this week will focus on documenting your initial goals and strengths and getting started in the deep honesty that forms the foundation of your ultimate freedom and power.


Module TWO | Highlight Your Gaps

Next, you’ll begin to get real about the weaknesses which counterbalance those strengths you identified in Block ONE. Continuing along the path of honesty, this section can prove challenging but also empowering. As they say, the truth shall set you free!


Module THREE | Observe Your Arena

Here, you’ll turn your attention from the inside to the outside. This work will guide you through an objective analysis of various “threats” representing external limiting factors. These may include a temporarily tough market in your industry, bias against your personal traits, a literal malicious rival, and anything else which might work against your personal intentions.


Module FOUR | Orient Your Options

Now you’re going to consider external factors which can serve as “opportunities” for your interests. Do you have a network of well-resourced patrons, a current surge of business opportunity (example: a white-hot housing market if you’re in real estate), or other considerations that can be a benefit to your personal life agenda?


Module FIVE | Select Your Path

Having spent the first four weeks developing an honest and comprehensive intelligence package on the total reality of your life, it’s time to put it all together and conduct an aggressive re-look at your goals. As one UNCHAINED alumna described this phase, “I had no idea how small my goals were until I discovered how big I am.” (This same participant has gone on to become one of Impact Actual’s most prominent Certified Impact Coaches.) In this exciting fifth section, you’ll put it all together and decide what you really want to do in your life – and how to do it.


Module SIX | Execute Your Mission

The final phase is to step out in faith on your well-laid plans, with confidence and authenticity. You’ll start the real work of living your ideal life, knowing all the hard work you’ve done during Impact UNCHAINED will serve as your North Star on living “smarter, not harder,” making a real difference with your unique gifts and interests.

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Remember, with each block, you’ll also receive a 15-minute accountability call with a dedicated Certified Impact Coach to help walk you through your journey. Our coaches are highly trained, extremely passionate, and 100% committed to your success.

As many people come to hear Rob’s story, he wants to hear their story just as much. Rob has so much compassion for what people go through. He genuinely cares about other people. Just know that if you work with him, he is constantly rooting for you.”



This program is perfect for you if …

You're sick of feeling stuck, dissatisfied, or like something's missing.

You know you were made for more; you just need direction getting there.

You're willing to roll up your sleeves, dig deep, and course-correct your life.

You claim full ownership of your happiness.

This program is NOT for you if …

You'd rather dismiss your intuition and settle for a status-quo life.

You don't see any reason to change things up or strive for more.

You don't want to invest the time or energy into growing yourself.

You blame others or dodge responsibility for your actions.

“This program keeps me moving forward with a healthy vision. I have a specific plan to keep taking steps towards emotional stability. He’s given me the tools to keep everything in alignment and evaluate things, make corrections, but never stop my growth.”


In case you missed the memo:
Investing in yourself always pays off.

It’s admirable to think of others, but not to the detriment of your personal wellbeing. Until you focus on the relationship you have with YOU, you’ll always be pouring from an empty cup – and potentially sabotaging the relationships around you.

Consider Impact UNCHAINED your personal permission slip to invest in your growth, redefine your goals, and start living the life you were meant to lead.



6 weeks of curriculum packed with daily lessons and exercises – $2,497 value

Your personal online strengths finder test – $97 value


A 1-hour private coaching call with me (Rob DuBois, Navy SEAL founder of Impact Actual) – $600 value

5 x 15-minute weekly accountability coaching calls with your personal Certified Impact Coach – $325 value

3 months of discounted monthly coaching calls with your Certified Impact Coach – $450 value

Weekly group calls, hosted by me (Rob), and the Leadership team, to answer all your questions – priceless.


12 months of membership in the “UNCHAINED Ongoing” program – $240 value




Every student gets a discovery call - want to do yours now, before buying?

frequently asked questions

Who is Impact UNCHAINED designed for?

This program was created for anyone who wants to get unstuck and completely change how they “do” life. Some of our students are empty nesters who suddenly find themselves wondering what their life’s purpose is. Some are people experiencing PTSD, who need help navigating away from a dark place. Others simply don’t know why they feel so empty after checking all of society’s boxes (like a good education, job, family, etc.). No two students’ stories are the same, and we’ll meet you where you’re at.


Everything sounds great, but how will I know Impact UNCHAINED is worth the investment? It seems like a lot of money!

Life is made of time, not money. You have an opportunity to give yourself the gift of freedom, happiness, and meaning… for decades to come. I’d challenge you to look at the price again and ask yourself: Is this really too much for a completely new life?


I'm so busy running my business and my household. What if I don't have time to add another commitment?

We designed Impact UNCHAINED to take just 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Sure, life is busy. But in the grand scheme of things, this is a minuscule time commitment that will have a huge impact on the rest of your life.


I've taken courses like this before, and they always left me feeling disappointed. How can I be sure the same thing won't happen again?

First, I’ll be so bold as to say that NO, you haven’t taken courses like this before. Impact UNCHAINED is like no other program out there. And second, I can confidently say that this one won’t leave you disappointed.


I don't want to be left drifting for a month and a half with a bunch of complicated lessons and nobody to make sense of them. What kind of support can I look forward to?

Every week, you’ll meet over a live, one-on-one accountability call with your Certified Impact Coach to make sure you’re progressing well. You’ll also get to join me (Rob) and the Leadership team in weekly group calls to answer all your questions.

We’re not just going to drop a course on you and leave you high and dry. We’re here to support you along the way.


I'm 99% sure...can I talk to you first?

Absolutely! Every student gets a 1:1 call after joining, but you're welcome to have that call ahead of time. You can book your discovery call with us right HERE >>


Ok, I'm in! What happens next?

Smart move, friend. Once you sign up for Impact UNCHAINED, keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll receive an email with the next steps so that you can get immediate access to all the content inside this amazing program. We look forward to seeing you inside!

Life coach for men, Rob DuBois. Men's life coaching.


A personal note from me to you.

Rob DuBois, here. If you’re dissatisfied and frustrated, disappointed in your situation after working your ass off to build something special and chasing one accomplishment after another, I understand exactly what you’re going through.

The answer never has been, and never will be, outside of you. You’ll never be able to make enough money, buy enough things, or find just the right partner to make your life finally feel okay. The only way out of this feeling is to get to know the most important person in your life: YOU.

You were created for a reason and you were designed to make a unique difference in this world. If you’re reading this, I’m also certain you haven’t yet found that perfect purpose. When you know you’re doing what you’re made for, every minute will be exciting and full of gratitude. Spoiler alert: Gratitude is the shortcut to happiness.

I can help you get there with Impact UNCHAINED. The path is simple:

  • Discover your Self.
  • Design your Life.
  • Execute your Work.
  • Live in Happiness.

Let’s change the world.
– Rob

P.S. Every student gets a 1:1 discovery call after joining but if you would like to chat with us early, you can! Book a discovery call HERE


Every student gets a discovery call - want to do yours now, before buying?

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