Powerful Peace

Rob’s first book is called “Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War.”

Powerful Peace Cover

You may think the subtitle pretty much says it all…and you’d pretty much be right. But it goes much deeper than that.

Our new Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, once wrote, “You were successful in your design: you DID expand my perspective. Of course once expanded a mind is hard to reduce, so I’ll remain grateful for the education. I will surely treasure Powerful Peace.”

Tony Robbins said, “Go on a journey, through a Navy SEAL’s eyes, as he embraces the greatest distinctions between necessary evils, truths, and the power of human nature. Powerful Peace is a must read for all, but especially those who wish to influence others.”

This is the original 2012 text that gave birth to today’s Impact Actual  training and effectiveness coaching for leaders and teams, including:

  • Our ability to Train, Align, and Control the “Human Aspects” of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul
  • The urgency of accountability for healthy individuals, and for healthy organizations
  • The transformative power of cooperation in a world on the brink of disastrous division
  • And to guide you through it all, hilarious and heartbreaking stories of loss and redemption from around the world of Rob’s lifetime at war…in every war since the Cold one.

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