ImpactRETREAT Jojo and Mary in the streamTrue power is measured by influence. If you can only lift 100 pounds yourself, but you can persuade 10,000 people to lift 20 pounds apiece, you can actually lift 100 tons…. If you have influence, you can make a difference—an impact—in the world.

Whether you recognize it or not, you want that. It’s life’s purpose.

The power to change the world only comes through changing yourself. It requires the authority of example—when people who know you can know you will walk your talk. It requires the powers of self knowledge; empathy; courage; discipline; commitment…and other qualities that can make your life richer with every new development. Realizing you can affect others for good is a nice bonus.

Grow yourself. Join the #Impact Nation. There’s no obligation, because frankly, nobody cares if you choose not to live up to your best. We don’t do drama, distraction, or petty conflict…we’re too focused on making impact.

I formed this thing called Impact Actual for a singular purpose: to help people stop making stupid choices, so they can start making a difference. Join us.