#Impact Program

Welcome to the launch page for the #Impact Program! We’re going to set up here to give you a rally point, offer some info about the program, and, of course, enable registration.

I’m Rob DuBois, author of “Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons  on Peace from a Lifetime at War” and the founder of @ImpactActual. This is my program, finally available to the many who have been asking for guidance on tips, tricks, and techniques.

Okay, read on below these two Notes for full details about the 2017 #Impact Program.

NOTE 1: If interested, you can watch my half hour Program intro Webcast recording here.

NOTE 2: And if you’re already convinced this is the course for you and you’re only here to sign up! jump straight to our registration link at this button:

Now without further ado, for those who want to learn more….

The #Impact Program

Explore. Improve. Repeat.

Simple Disciplines for Accomplishing Anything

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

  • This course has been tested, and proven, as the Masterpiece Course – I made it better
  • You can leave the #Impact Program any time, and won’t be charged future payments

What is the #Impact System?

  • The #Impact “System” is a system of practice born of decades of best practices
    • A complete, organized body of lessons learned, or “life hacks”
    • Based on instruction and experience……this is how I manage my own life
    • Principles from my own mentors Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, David Allen, etc
  • The #Impact “Program” teaches and makes these practices a second-nature for you
    • Personal development and life effectiveness rolled into one
  • Life is a mission – you only have to choose yours, then execute
    • Think of this program as a force multiplier for your priorities

WHY learn #Impact??

  • You use the #Impact System to build your own abilities and influence: your life, your way

(Quote on my book, Powerful Peace, one of the fundamental tools of the #Impact System):

            “Powerful Peace is a must read for all, but especially those who wish to influence others             ‘It’s in our decisions that destiny is shaped.”

                                                                                                – Tony Robbins

 How do we learn to make an #Impact?

  • Everything can be reduced to simple steps and implemented
  • When you recognize that life itself is a system, then you can realize you can hack it
  • All mission planning and execution occurs through three levels:
    • Strategic — Big Picture / Vision / “Leadership”
    • Operational — Translating Vision into actionable Steps / “Management”
    • Tactical — Implementation / Taking action / “Execution”
  • The #Impact System adapts this format very clearly, working methodically toward YOUR goals through the three levels of planning and using the Three Disciplines
    • Strategically, we have to establish a Vision for our desired future state
    • Operationally, we have to establish reasonable Steps toward that vision
    • Tactically, we have to dig in – to Act – and move using the Three Disciplines our vision
      • #Impact work is TACtical – it all takes one of three forms from “T-A-C”:
      • Training
        • Continual #Impact preparation of Body, Mind, Heart, Soul
      • Aligning
        • Learning to do all you can, and let go of all you can’t
      • Controlling
        • Master yourself and lead the world

The #Impact Outlook:

  • Human life and experience are perceived in four Human Aspects:
    • Body – Material needs like food, rest, sexuality, also shelter, economic sufficiency
    • Mind – How we think, focus, improve our thinking, think more broadly
    • Heart – Emotions, body-mind balance, courage, empathy
    • Soul – Your religious/philosophical view, yes, but equally focused on issues of character
  • These four Aspects are subdivided into the 12 “Qualities” of a complete human being
    • (Note that these Qualities are progressive; each enables the next)
      • Body: Strength, Authenticity, Accountability
      • Mind: Balance, Awareness, Understanding
      • Heart: Compassion, Courage, Cooperation
      • Soul: Gratitude, Humility, Generosity
  • You are in one of three Stages as you develop yourself and your Aspects and Qualities
    • 1. Grow Strong – For us, 2017 is the year to Grow Strong! Develop yourself
    • 2. Live Strong – Maintain and habituate your strengths and influence
    • 3. Give Strong – The point of it all…pour out your strength—give—to make a difference
    • (Noticing the critical emphasis on Strength? It’s the foundation of all success.)
  • and your Aspects and Qualities
    • Grow

#Impact Program Overview – What’s Included?

  • Daily emails with the #Bomiheso (Body-Mind-Heart-Soul) Program “workout” of the day
  • Weekly exercises, each focused on a weekly “Focus” (intersects between Aspects and Qualities)
  • Directed journaling to capture and process your progress
  • Weekly Monday morning video from me
    • Centered on that week’s Focus as it pertains to current affairs
    • Includes a unique weekly Challenge to exercise your perspective…and choices
  • Monthly live Webcast on the Quality of the month, exclusively for Program participants
  • Monthly reading from an #Impact book, including graded quiz (e.g. “7 Habits” for Authenticity)
  • Monthly “#Impact Update” newsletter:
    • Unpacks the Quality of the month
    • Features a critical global story on current events and the Quality of the month
    • Highlights #Impact “Icons” and “Agents” – An Icon is an MLK…an Agent is one of us!
  • Quarterly online #Impact Summit to gather Program members (free) and prospects (paid)
  • Also awesome:
    • Personalized copies of the #Impact Manual and the #Impact Workbook at Christmas
    • Free membership in the #Impact accountability partners program, #TwoIsOne
      • You’ll be paired with a compatible #Impact Program member for accountability
    • One-on-one call with me to discuss your goals, interests, and questions about the course
    • Membership in our private #Impact Program Facebook Group
    • 20% discounts on all @ImpactActual merchandise (much coming!)
    • 20% discounts on other upcoming #Impact courses:
      • The 12-hour “Workshop” captures 12 Qualities in 12 one-hour lessons
      • The “Better Men” course will focus on healthier, more productive masculinity
      • #Impact Teaming to bring the same fundamentals to radical Team development
      • Also planning courses for kids, for teens, and more
    • Discounts with private Coaching
    • Coaching clients get 50% off the #Impact Program
    • Free hard copy of the #Impact Planning one-pager for your planner

And That’s It

  • Registration options
    • Does this sound good to you? Registering is simple.
      • Month to month agreement
        • The monthly “retail” rate for the Program is just $97. (But Note! It’s actually only $47 for January. If you want to just take a test drive, that’ll get you through two weeks.)
      • Three-month agreement
        • If you feel committed enough to yourself, to your development, and to this Program as your vehicle to get where you want to go, take advantage of the quarterly contract at just $2
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