Introduction and Lesson 1 of the #Impact Program: Training

If you’re not yet registered in the #Impact Program, fret not. We just launched today!

I decided I’d like to post the first two lessons right here so you can see what it’s about.


Week 01, Lesson 00: Introduction

Most teachers will give you a version of their material based on wanting to have some career longevity.

That means they’ll find ways to feed you the information in a palatable way so you’ll keep coming back.

This is not my career. I do all I need to keep the lights on through advising and speaking and coaching.

What you’ll get from me in this course is just a SEAL’s truth as I’ve learned it over 50 years in 35 countries.


If you try out any program for performance improvement – including mine – and it isn’t intuitively memorable and sensible, think hard about staying on that train. It may not be going where you need to. That is artificial, thrown together with theories and good ideas. Good ideas are great, and most of what I do was born in good ideas, but they are only the beginning. You have to build and test and prove them.


The #Impact Program has been built and tested and proven by my own experience, and that of my clients.


In this Introductory week, Week Zero, we’re going to establish a baseline to build on for the months of focus lessons to follow. The entire #Impact “System” rests on the concept of common human experience, as captured in the four Aspects of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

The twelve Qualities provide a specific framework for developing across our Aspects, becoming a whole person. These are Strength, Authenticity, Accountability, Balance, Awareness, Understanding, Compassion, Courage, Cooperation, Gratitude, Humility, and Generosity.

We develop and grow these Qualities through the three Disciplines of Training, Aligning, and Controlling.

As we develop and grow, we pass through the three Stages of Grow Strong, Live Strong, and Give Strong.

My mentor Tony Robbins insists that “The secret to living is giving.” I agree. What else is there?

And you can’t give if you haven’t got. We have to build, first.

Let’s begin.

– Rob DuBois January 1, 2017

Week 01, Lesson 01: Training

The three Disciplines to develop wholeness are Training, Aligning, and Controlling.

Before we go further on this lesson, Training, here’s a brief review of the levels of planning and execution.

For national security, we must maintain three concurrent points of view to keep American kids alive: “Strategic” is the highest level perspective, and means the big picture. What is, and what we want. “Operational” is the middle level of planning out the necessary steps to accomplish a strategic vision. “Tactical” is where the strategic rubber meets the road. Operational steps are carried out by operators.

In the #Impact Program, you become the operator.

  1. You’ll determine the strategic vision for your life, at the start and with reassessment throughout. Does your dream include becoming a better painter, planter, or parent? Do you want more time, money, or health? These are yours to choose and pursue.
  2. We’ll determine the operational steps to get you there. Do you need a certification or a degree? …Or maybe you can develop everything you need for your life’s dream business just by using free social media and online tools as taught by Gary Vee in Crush It! You don’t have to know it all today; you just have to commit to being willing to learn and let yourself grow.
  3. And then you’ll execute the tactical operations you determine you need. We practice the three Disciplines of Training, Aligning, and Controlling. These spell TAC, because you’re executing TACtically with all of your #Impact Program growth and development. You’re executing in service to your life, to your loved ones, and your community.

Training is the first way we deliberately develop ourselves. It is deliberate, by its very nature. You can lie on the couch and get out of shape, or you can be a lumberjack and get incredibly fit. Neither is focused on your development like the conscious Discipline of Training.

We can Train in all of the Aspects of our lives—not just “exercising” your muscles—but we have to think about it. It is not unconscious to decide to write someone a quick email (or, better yet, a paper letter) as one of many ways to exercise and deliberately develop your Aspect of Heart, or the Emotional part.

The @ImpactActual approach to Training your whole life is called “Bomiheso” as an acronym for the four Aspects. And using the Bomiheso system of emailed “workouts of the day,” each participant gets in the habit of continually focusing on developing as a balanced human being.

Over time, you’ll come up with your own #Bomiheso exercises, and I want to hear about them. The best ideas will make their way into the #Bomiheso database to and be randomly generated so no two weeks are exactly the same.

Let’s sample some of the exercises people are already doing.

“For #3UpTo30 minutes, get outside and take a brisk walk.”
“For #3UpTo30 minutes, pay attention to setting up a healthy water consumption routine.”

“For #3UpTo30 minutes, review vocabulary for a language you know or want to know.”
“For #3UpTo30 minutes, take a look at to train your brain.”

“For #3UpTo30 minutes, jot a quick email or a long letter to someone you’d like to see again.”
“For #3UpTo30 minutes, journal about what matters in your life right now.”

“For #3UpTo30 minutes, think about your spiritual outlook—is it still what you believe?”
“For #3UpTo30 minutes, relax and let the monkeys stop chattering while you meditate.

These are just a few ways you can deliberately focus your development across the Aspects. And notice the “3 up to 30” pattern of all the tips. I offer these with that caveat because it makes this training accessible to anyone, regardless of time available.

As homework for this Lesson on Training, I want you to exercise your brain and come up with a few more activities to Train your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. All of these together will form the pool of tricks you can use for yourself to stay fresh, trained, and “toned up” for the rest of your life.

Body:    _______________________________

Mind:    _______________________________

Heart:   _______________________________

Soul:     _______________________________

If you think of some really good ones, let me know at! I’ll roll them into our daily workouts of the day for #Bomiheso, and you’ll be making the #Impact Nation better.

Now, as this lesson concludes, I want you to take a few more minutes and think about what you’ve read here. This is your own reflection for yourself, as you process what makes sense (or, as I said, doesn’t!) for you. During the Program, you will journal and process a lot, especially with new information like this. So jot down some notes—use extra paper if you need—and then I’ll see you in the next lesson.



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Me And The Tree



The Tree

#ImpactMusing Very interesting exercise…can you sit and watch a tree for an hour? How hard could it be, right? It’s not like sprinting or boxing or listening to chemistry lectures. And if not — why not?
I couldn’t. Here is a photographic record of me, moments before failing to keep watching the tree. At about the two minute mark.

The shame is, it’s a very nice tree. In a very nice tropical setting. And even with a very nice breeze rustling the leaves. But still nope.

I have a hell of a lot of work to do right now. Contract stuff, school stuff, #ImpactProgram stuff (we launch tomorrow!), my speaker’s bio to rehab for a new prospective client. And although I’m not a smart man, I do know you sometimes have to slow down to speed up. So with all this pressing down on me, I stepped outside Starbucks with my coffee to just watch a tree.

And failed.

Is it the workload? Ah, hell no. I had already told the workload to pound sand and I’d be back when I’m back. It was the Time.

We treat Time like George Carlin said we treat Space. We get some space, and then we go buy some shit to put in it. When we get too much shit for our space, do we discard shit? No! We go buy more space and then buy more shit to put in all the new space! (That’s why real estate will always be a good investment. You’re welcome.)

Early Protestantism, and Zen Buddhism, both traditions which I’ve followed at different times in this brief flicker of existence, are variously credited with some version of this wisdom: “I make it a practice to pray (meditate) for a minimum of one hour every day. Without fail. Unless I’m too busy. In which case I make it two.”

I gave myself the priceless gift of an hour of peace, of Time, and immediately began loading it up with whatever shit I could find lying around in my walnut-sized brain. Why?

Do I fear unoccupied physical or temporal space? Possibly. It’s probably more habit. What do you do when you find yourself unexpectedly waiting for a few minutes on the plane, the train, or the automobile? Right. You probably grab the phone and start looking for stuff to quickly jam into that vast, echoing chamber of space called two minutes of your life. AKA “tranquility.” God forbid you should just sit and watch a tree. And relax.

As a writer, I have an unfair advantage in that I can use the 58 minutes to generate this story about the unhealthy need to fill time with activity (like writing a story….) Heck, I rationalize, I needed to do the story for my business anyway.

But I also needed to relax. And I chose not to. I need to own that truth. And because I’m mindful of it, I’ll do better next…Time. Especially now that you are holding me accountable because you know my little secret.

Tomorrow I’ll try the tree for three. Minutes, that is.

(PS: if you’re not already following @ImpactActual at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, either change that or be prepared to hate yourself forever. That’s where the details can be found about the amazing 49-week #ImpactProgram, starting tomorrow, of which this story is but a taste.)