Buckle up for “Impact 2020 Vision”


In the next few days, I’m going to share a lot about the next few years. I’ve already stated that we’ll be teaming with #Teachable for upcoming online #ImpactActual instruction … here’s what we’ll be instructing:

All human life is about strength … strength of Body, of Mind, of Heart, and of Soul. Anything less is incomplete. Authentic strength has three levels, just like the old crawl, walk, run: To Grow Strong (develop), Live Strong (maintain), and Give Strong (contribute). You can’t keep what you ain’t made part of your life, and you can’t give what you ain’t got.




In 2017 we’re going to help you Grow Strong like never before, in all Aspects you need to improve. 2018 will be dedicated to Living Strong, making these changes an unbreakable pattern for life. In 2019 all participants are going to Give in ways none of us can yet fathom.

And as we team, you’re going to design your unique #GrowLiveGive trajectory for yourself, just like I will for me.

By 2020, my Vision is that #Impact lives are going to fly. Will you complete a degree and be in your dream job? Will you be competing in a sport and performing beyond your own belief? Will you have prepared yourself to walk away from 40-hour weeks and devote your life to travel, your family, or a social cause you burn for?

It’s all up to you.

#Impact #ChooseWell


Rob’s list of rules to live by

A few years back, my friend Kerry asked me to offer my idea of good rules for life. I sent this and forgot about it! He just sent it back. Here it is again:

I expect your list will be different from mine; these are the things that have proven most important to me:

1)      Love. And remember to tell people you love them when you have the chance.  I never got the chance to tell some of the most important people in my life goodbye, and it haunts me every day.

2)      Take care of people. You will always get what you deserve, eventually, so you’re creating your future, and building a better future for the most important people in your life.

Stand up for the people you care about, particularly when they aren’t around. Listening to someone trash talk the people you care about makes you as bad as doing the talking yourself.  Taking care of people often means standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. Sometimes it means standing up for total strangers.

3)   Some fruits of choice take years to mature.

Don’t give up just because it’s hard. The stuff that seems hard at first almost never seems that hard with a little practice. You figure out a smarter way to do something. You toughen up. It pays off down the road. One of the things you’ll notice is the better you get at dealing with tough challenges, the fewer the number of real competitors you will have to deal with.

4)   Be good to people.

It costs you nothing to be nice. Quite often you will find that being nice, and treating the people you encounter who can do nothing for you with respect, can reward you in ways you never imagined. Often people who may appear downtrodden or powerless can be valuable sources of insight and information that can save you from frustration and heartache, and steer you away from  making a catastrophically bad decision.

5)   Be good to yourself!

You are worth taking care of! Never forget it. Don’t waste time tearing yourself down. Learn from your mistakes, and move on as best you can. People can lose years of their lives dwelling on regrets, or replaying some nasty thing that somebody said to them. Sometimes you just need to shake off the bad stuff, chalk it up to experience, turn loose of the anger and desire for revenge and focus on the good stuff. Here’s a little secret: the only person that gets hurt by resentment is the person who’s resenting. The person you’re mad at could care less! But if you’re resenting him, you don’t have time and space in your life for the things that really make you happy. And being good to yourself can be as simple as taking an extra five seconds to tie your shoes and catch your breath.

6)   Be honest:

The author Mark Twain once observed that if you tell the truth you won’t have to remember what you said. In your encounters with other people, it helps everyone to be honest and clear about:

a. What you like.

b. What you are.

c. What others are like.

7)   Trust as much as you can and always understand that some people will let you down.

a. Trust anyway.

b. With those who do you wrong, keep trusting them…just trust that they may do it again.

8)   Enjoy the art you enjoy.

It is okay to like stuff that only you like. In fact, it’s great. It means you have some sense of who you are, and that helps you be useful to others. Sometimes art in one form or another can have special meaning for you because of your personal experience. That’s good. Honor that part of who you are and explore it. Explore different art forms from painting, drawing, dancing, acting, photography… Go through multiple generations of thought to explore a subject until you understand it. Keep adding new interests as you go along and you will stay fresh and alive.

9)   Let music into your life.

There are at least a thousand different kinds of music in the world. And you can create your own. Art and music can add a richness to your life that isn’t available to you any other way. In fact, one famous philosopher said that, “The only truth  is music.”

10)   Take a little time every day for yourself.

Clear out your mind once a day—checking in with what is going on with you makes you better for others, too. It is okay to nurture yourself by setting a couple a minutes aside (20 minutes is ideal) every day to check in with yourself to keep your life in balance. You can lose years of your life in confusion and distraction, if you are always only focused on what other people want. This is the best way to avoid wandering away from your goals and to clear up your perspective.

11)   We are alive to give to others.

a. We were each made with a unique purpose. Keep searching for what yours is (and only you can decide).

b. We were intended to live out what we love. You will find you will be a lot happier, more committed and focused in your life if your actions are the things you love and are important to you. I know it can be tough to be young and get pressure from others to be just like they are…but if you take smart steps to live and express who you feel you are, it always earns respect in the end.