Rob Gets Raw

​Transparency time: my shares are getting more and more raw. That’s because they reflect my own journey and priorities in real time–especially recently–and my own journey is exactly like yours in that I discover things for the first time, I screw up, etc.

I work with coaching clients and retreat groups and teams, and people continually comment on “what Rob is doing” to help them make amazing changes for themselves…as compared to what my company does. I’ve tried hard to build Impact Actual as my professional face, to do it that “right” way, but it always comes back to this personal relationship dynamic.

So why fight reality? If I were my own client I’d say #FlowOn with it. Whatever It turns out to be. We aren’t folding the company, of course, but from now on you’ll get a lot more of plain me. That’s all I really know how to give.

And that means you’re going to see words like “bullshit,” when I believe something is bullshit. I never seek to offend, but it’s impossible to be authentic in this world and not offend somebody. So if you don’t like what I share or teach, please–feel free to part from me with the Unlike or Unfollow or whatever route you choose. I won’t be offended. I would only be offended by my own choice to not be authentic.

We’re going to be retooling all the online presence stuff to reflect this more real reality, but don’t worry…you’ll still be able to find me through