On Sacrificing a National Hero for Political Gain

I was outraged at the travesty of Admiral Losey’s politically-driven railroading. I wrote the below article about it one month ago…and then decided to not share it. I knew that Brian, being who he is, would rather focus on the security of our society moving forward than on the wrongs done him. I didn’t want to embarrass him with a futile public defense.
But then I saw this weekend that our previous Special Operations Commander has shared his own op-ed on the farce. You can find that link at the bottom. I decided that if Admiral Bill McRaven were willing to open up about it, all bets are off.
It’s time for all SEALs, all warriors, all supporters, and all citizens to ask WTF of the U.S. national “leadership” who would bootlick a handful of vindictive malcontents and destroy the career of a genuine national asset for their own small political equity…the career of a man we need in the fight now more than ever. There are very few individuals in this country we should be seeking out by name to lead the global campaign to destroy ISIS. This is one.
(Notice, most of all, that Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson has stated that he is open to reconsidering Admiral Losey’s fate.)
Here’s my story:
March 27, 2016
This politically-motivated lynching of a national hero sickens me to the soul. I will comment on it one time, then drop the issue to bake in the ancient ashes of generations of other destructively stupid and short-sighted choices.
Admiral Brian Losey is the most able leader I’ve ever served. He and his wife are treasured friends to my wife and me. Half of what I know about leadership I learned by observing Admiral Losey during my service. Much of the rest was taught to me by mistake, whenever “leaders in name only” would periodically creep into my chain of command. That type has just one redeeming quality: they demonstrate what NOT to do in guiding and mentoring subordinates toward mission success. Strong leadership is what the nation needs most right now. It is what a handful of activists in Congress have set out to destroy.
I used to hold a lot of respect for Senator John McCain; at the very least, for the very high cost of his own military service to our nation. But as he co-rouses this rabble, torch in hand, I’m forced to wonder how much he even remembers about the equally high stakes of command in time of war. And the higher stakes of commanding special operations. And the highest stakes, commanding special operations in North Africa, where many of the most vicious terrorist actors and groups are flourishing and spawning others like themselves with rape, enslavement, and mass murder.
This is the context in which Admiral Losey made command decisions for mission improvement that apparently wounded the feelings of some subordinates who didn’t measure up. Command decisions for which his second star has been withdrawn; he is therefore on course to leave the military service.
We as a country have just become a little bit weaker, a little less ready to defeat a growing global menace that decapitates children. At this time when the world needs all hands on deck, some self-interested political animals have severed our best right hand.
Leadership requires personal attributes including competence, courage, character, and compassion. Some excel at one. Many improve in two or three. Brian Losey embodies the best of all four. He is expert at “kinetic” elimination of terrorist threats yet, equally important, understands the root causes that can help us prevent some radicalization in future generations.
This is a man we need in the front of the spreading fight against barbarism. Yet some politicians would rather champion the hurt feelings of demonstrated non-performers than commit to our national security. There is one word appropriate to levy against the architects of this sad spectacle: Shame.